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April is for Poetry

Updated: Jul 20

Art in all forms lifts us and carries us through the storms in our lives. We have always felt that clothing can raise your spirit in this same way. The choices you make when getting dressed in the morning set the tone for the day. The past year has proven difficult for many of us and our choices have not always lifted us up. In honor of National Poetry Month we are sharing a poem written by Esther Cohen about her pandemic clothing choices.

We've included some images from our archives that we felt illustrated how we wish we looked working from home this past year.


I've always loved them

by Esther Cohen

Even in the pandemic when everyone said

They Didn’t Have to Get Dressed

wore black sweatpants

I don’t have sweatpants never had

they wore slippers no one sees

your feet on Zoom

even in the pandemic I who have

always loved clothes even as a child my mother

tried suggesting maybe I’d want to

Wear Something Matching,

I never did and all through this difficult impossible

pandemic I woke up every single day no sweatpants

only earrings, many pairs, and clothes

and clothes and clothes and I would dress

just the way I always have, with a certain amount

of abandon, and then, I’d even put on a pair

of real shoes: yellow, or red, or green.

©2021 Esther Cohen. All rights reserved.

Esther Cohen describes herself as someone who has "been trying to write life down forever, in what I’ve overheard: in stories, in novels, and in poems". She has worked for social justice, has been a curator, an organizer, a teacher of storytelling, an author, and a fan of Cynthia Ashby clothing.

You can read her Poem a Day at:



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